Notes on Drone Cinematography

an attempt to expand the history correlating of the technologies of War and Cinema with the new Drone


Originally Published April 21, 2016

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Indie and its Negotiations

Originally Published July 4, 2016. Originally Titled: “The Last Post Ever About “Indie”” (I’m still doing edits on this)

Over the past years, the so-called Independent scene has been mostly dependent to financing bodies run by the same people who (almost) serve the same intentions as the people from the Big industry. Some of these financing bodies are themselves under the wing of big production companies. Cinema One Originals, for their merit in honesty, has declared that they are not an Independent outfit – but just the same: those who submit to them are the same people, same hopefuls, who dreams of creating a film under their own terms, with disregard to all these other constraints on deadline, budget, and other creative decision, big or small, imposed by festival’s organizers, screening committees and “creative consultants”. Continue reading “Indie and its Negotiations”

404 – Page Not Found

Kawts Kamote will be no more

You are now here and not in that dark-themed Kawts Kamote blog.

I’ve been trying for a long time to switch to WordPress. Fucking blogger templates are not hipster-friendly and they eat a lot of bandwidth. I only had the time and the “wit” (yikes) to think of a blog name.

So this is now “Missing Codec” which, as you may know, a common error for those who were starting to use PCs to run media (films, music, whatever) files they have downloaded over the internet or for those who are editing videos using old versions of Video Editor for PCs. Recently, these thought of errors by missing supporting files have been attractive to me as much as it irritates me back then, goes to show how much further does the science of computing need to go to attain the Ultimate Stand-Alone program to be released. But, as you may have realized now, stand-alone programs are for the lazy, codec packs are still the way to go, and they are fucking open-source, so, better.

The title, I think, also is going to be the central idea that would unite all of those which I’ve written before and what I would write in the future. I’ll be transferring some posts (especially recent ones) from Kawts Kamote, (which, by the time of this post, is going to be disabled and unpublished) with supplemental editing and commentaries for some.

This will be the new domain, and I thank you for visiting my new mistake.